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DDI Compliant Software

DDI Compliant Software

En SAPIX Solutions & Expertise, estamos muy contentos y orgullosos ya que el Demand Driven Institute ha reconocido nuestro sistema SPX-ERP como DDMRP Software Compliance, evaluando los siguientes criterios...

software compliance criteria

Component 1: Inventory Positioning

  • The software must be able to calculate and identify the Decoupled Lead Time (DLT) for manufactured items

  • If the Decoupled Lead Time (DLT) calculation cannot be performed then DDMRP compliance must be limited to Purchased and Distributed Parts only

Component 2: Buffer Profiles

  • The software must be able to group parts into independently managed families with variable settings for zone impact

  • The software must be able to calculate DDMRP buffers and zone values using a combination of buffer profile attributes and the individual part traits of usage, lead time and order minimum

Component 3: Dynamic Buffer Adjustments

  • The software must have a provision for dynamically altering buffers for planned or anticipated events

Component 4: Demand Driven Planning

  • The software must be able to perform the DDMRP Net Flow equation including qualifying sales order demand properly (due today, past due and qualified spikes)

  • The software must be able to properly display Net Flow status (color, percentage and quantity) for easy prioritization and supply order generation

  • All elements of the Net Flow equation should be visible on the planner workbench

Component 5: Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution

  • The software should display alerts based on buffer status for on-hand positions

  • Final Evaluation: DDI must see at least one customer instance of the software in which it is being used in a DDMRP fashion

Visita: https://www.demanddriveninstitute.com/compliant-software

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